Small Business Marketing in 2019

Posted by rachelfoord on January 9, 2019

So the excitement has died away, the Christmas Tree is in the recycling bin and here we are, almost 2% of the way through your best year ever.

But what will make 2019 so much better and more successful for you than 2018?

There are many options:

1. Putting up your prices will definitely help. But have you got the guts? The impact is WAY MORE positive than business owners imagine and the immediate impact it makes on the bottom line would be a big first quarter boost. .

2. Having a good cashflow is huge for lots of businesses (many of whom don’t think they are adequately capitalised). Trying to make big progress and deliver big growth when you’ve only got £250 of ‘spare’ cash to market with is a big ask. Fact: one of the most over-looked costs in every business is the ‘cost to get a customer’ – and increasingly, the more you’re able to spend, the higher value customers you get AND the better customers they are.

But you need the capital – the cash – in your business so that you’ve got the freedom and flexibility to do the right things – or do you?

There’s more money around than people realise. Get some…

3. Of course, the constant system of getting leads and then converting them to customers is the Holy Grail. When your business is bringing in new customers constantly and daily, you’re sorted. For life. The proper pursuit of this in 2019 would indeed be a worthy goal. But it isn’t easy, it needs thought and a really good USP (unique selling proposition – do you have one?).

4. Stop checking your phone dozens (hundreds?) of times a day for emails, Tweets and Facebook posts and you will see a real transformation in your productivity. Don’t try and copy or emulate every guru you see, they don’t check their phones 200 times a day – they work on programmes, ideas, promotions etc. Whose behaviour do you want to adopt?

The typical person or typical company, if we are being honest, is mediocre, at best. They live average lives. Do what they do and you’ll stay mired in that same mediocrity. You’ll be average.

5. Which brings me onto your 90 minutes. 90 minutes? Do you dedicate 90 minutes of your day on your business, not in your business? Do you spend 90 minutes of every day on something that will grow your business? Because that is the most important thing you should be doing EVERY DAY. Your business isn’t going to grow unless you do this. I do it every day. And, it is the single biggest reason – by miles – that I’ve been able to build continued, sustainable success in business for over 15 years now. Yet is is the single biggest thing that struggling business forget to do! Get into the habit of finding those 90 uninterrupted minutes every single day to focus on the things that will make your business more successful, that will move you closer to where you want to be then I promise you, the impact and progress will be dramatic. Period.

Important, and hugely impactful though they will be, none of these five contenders quite make it into the 2 Most Important Things For You This Year.

The 2 Most Important will be in next week’s blog.

To be continued…

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